Kintronix Digital Agency

We are a new startup providing rock solid software primarily for finance, education, healthcare, sports and military entities.

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An agency for all your digital projects and products.

As we roll out this startup, this website will continue to expand in a description of our services.


Cloud-based Web Systems

Web systems (which can include front-facing websites) are authenticated systems that users can access from anywhere in the world, and are commonly used for information entry, sales reporting and data analysis.


Consumer & Enterprise mobile apps

Whichever category your product falls into, we use the best technology appropriate to create software (aka apps) that work on mobile phones, tablets and desktops.


Machine Learning & Analytics

All our projects will have an aspect to them involving analysis of your data so you can interrogate metrics and improve effectiveness across your organisation.



All our projects will involve a security analysis & audit at the beginning and this will influence the project beyond deployment and into maintenance.